About the program

The Indoor Plumbing & Repair (IPR) program works with low-to-moderate income, owner-occupied homes to install first time wells and/or drainfields; and in addition, correcting other health and safety deficiencies in the dwelling.

Repairs include upgrading all systems (electric, structural, water, waste-water, heat) and also providing handicap accessibility as needed. In some cases, if repairs exceed budget restrictions, a replacement home is built.

The IPR program offers grants and 0% interest loans, funded through the VA Department of Housing and Community Development. Owners make monthly payments based on their ability to do so.

ALL IRP Projects to be built to EarthCraft House™ Standards

Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) has awarded FHC additional funding to implement all IPR building projects to EarthCraft House green building standards. FHC’s work will serve as a pilot project for DHCD, providing data on the cost/benefit of these units to help guide the future funding of the IPR program.

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How Does IPR Work?

FHC is the grant/loan administrator in your area that applied for and has received funding for the Indoor Plumbing Rehabilitation Loan Program (IPR) from the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD). IPR funding is available to assist low-to-moderate income homeowners that do not have indoor plumbing, or their well and/or drain field has failed.

FHC Administers this program in the following Counties: Fauquier, Frederick, Rappahannock, Stafford, Madicon, Clarke, Culpeper, Spotsylvania, Orange, Winchester, Warren.


How can this help me?

The state’s definition of “safe, decent, and affordable housing” includes making sure all homes meet guidelines known as Housing Quality Standards (sometimes called HQS). If your home is in need of indoor plumbing repairs and other needed repairs before it can meet these standards, this program may be able to help you with these.


Will it Cost Me Anything?

The rehabilitation work will be done using a 0% interest loan. The Grant Administrator (FHC) will use your income information to find out if you can afford to repay any of the costs of repairs. This is based on a formula set by the federal government. At a minimum the program receives a payment of $25 per month for ten years. The difference between what you can pay and what the repairs cost is what the grant will pay. Paperwork will be filed with the Court (a “Lien”) will be placed on your house as official record of the state investment and describing terms.

Eligibility & Requirements

To qualify you must:

Application Process

(To download application, click the link above, when prompted, select “open with Microsoft Word,” application should open on screen or appear at the bottom of your screen on your taskbar, close out of any downloading window that pops up as document downloads. If document does not download contact FHC.)