Our Core Initiatives


Healthy Affordable Housing

We seek to give people a place to live, to get them out of the elements, and into healthy environments.

We manage 4 rental property complexes and work to keep the rent as low as possible.

  • Countryside Townhomes
  • Remington House
  • Stuart Street Homes
  • The Oaks I and The Oaks II
Build/Repair Homes

We repair and build houses for low to moderate income families, and can deliver a home in 60-90 days. We run the following programs to assist homeowners:

  • Indoor Plumbing & Repair (IPR)
  • Emergency Home Repair (EHR)
  • Disability Ramp Program

FHC is a licensed Class A contractor. Our work is contracted out through a competitive bidding process. If you are a licensed Class A or B contractor interested in bidding on FHC projects start by filling out a Contractor Application.

Financial Counseling

We aim to give every family we work with the tools to succeed. It isn’t just enough to have a roof over your head, you have to know how to do the most with the income you have.

We teach our families about budgeting. They learn about the best use of money for food and other needs.

Learning to manage money is key to providing long-term security for generations to come.

environmental, economic, and social sustainability
Shelter is a need not a privilege. A home is an extension of the individuals it shelters. A healthy home supports healthy people. A house can and should co-exist within the larger community.

"Shelter is one of man's basic needs. Homeownership builds pride in people. We are trying to serve those needs as best we can."

-Cofounder Maximillian Tuffs Sr.

Foothills Housing Corporation (FHC) is a 501(C) 3 Not-for-Profit servicing Culpeper, Fauquier, Frederick, Madison, Orange, Rappahannock, Spotsylvania, Stafford, Warren and Winchester Counties in Virginia.